About Us

At 4Sages, we focus on middle school scholars. We take the best of online education and instructional design technologies and add to the mix our own scholarly passion. Our mission is to develop a comprehensive content platform with tutoring tools that will be innovative in its pedagogy, global in its outlook, and culturally-compatible in its usability with young digital natives.


Muhammad Arif, Ph.D.

Trained as a PhD scientist, I have worked with remarkably talented teams conducting life sciences research at Harvard, MIT and the University of New Hampshire. However, when I looked outside of such demographic niches, I frequently witnessed the disconnect between scholarly ambitions and learning outcomes. I believe the definition of "all-American" needs to include (and popularize) the idea that being scholarly is being cool. And it needs to resonate with students at an EARLY age. Middle school is where scholars are made.

Fahima Islam

After completing a Master’s degree involving scanning and transmission electron microscopy experiments, my academic interest gravitated toward database technology, data analysis and digital marketing automation. I now have 10 years of extensive leadership experience with technology strategy formulation and implementation. At the end of 2015 I decided to focus on the entrepreneurial passion in education technology and knowledge visualization. So, these days I am immersed in emerging tech trends that can potentially inspire student engagement and enhance learning outcomes.