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Build a community of middle school STEM scholars.

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Our Passion

Who is our target audience? Driven middle school students with motivated parents who care deeply about academic excellence.

As disruptive EdTech entrepreneurs, we are passionate about developing a learning platform that doesn't skimp on scholarly content and yet engages the digital learner and challenges the motivated students.

Our Goal

We want to create an immersive scholarly experience that resonates with the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th graders and strikes a chord with early to mid-adolescent learners. We want middle school graduates to enter high school with academic knowledge that rivals global overachievers in countries like China, Finland, Korea and Singapore.

Want your child to be a high school academic superstar aiming for top tier colleges? The journey begins with your middle school prodigy. We pave the pathway to phenomenal academic achievement in middle school sciences and lay the foundation for remarkable success in high school curricula and standardized tests.


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